App Development Made Easy

Easily build custom access control, mobile credentials and smart buildings native mobile and voice driven apps with offline database synchronization, Map user interfaces and on-device business logic.

One-Click Deployment

Deliver integrated system apps and system enhancements with one click. Sagrada automatically checks device dependencies and handles the deployment process for you.



endless possibilities


Sagrada is the only digital platform that enables and
facilitates real-time development and deployment of access control and integrated system mobile apps.

Out-of-the-Box Integration Support

from brands you trust

Distributed Access Control System Components

With Sagrada Access Control System functional components can now be integrated into supported security cameras and building automation controller devices.

Sagrada Access Control Panel Powered by Tridium Niagara

Visual Programming for Security & Intelligent Buildings Integration

Drag-and-drop enterprise apps, access control integration processes, authorization logic and access group database management to create enterprise-grade, device-agnostic access control system and smart buildings apps.

The Sagrada platform takes a revolutionary approach to access control panels by leveraging the power and scalability of the leading building control system edge device called the JACE-8000.

App development for a safer world

Enterprise access control systems for digital transformation security

SAGRADA - the digital integrated systems platform you need to design, deploy and deliver future-proof intelligent Enterprise access control Systems and apps.

Enhance System Functions and Effectiveness

Leverage Sagrada's library of cloud-based services and industry standard protocols such as OSDP for credential readers, BACnet for building integration, Dali for lighting integration and Bluetooth. Sagrada is also designed to be compliant with standard life-safety codes such as NFPA 72 and UL 294 - which can be extended to cloud based services such as FirstNet.

Whether you are a systems integrations tech, Chief Security Officer, or facility management executive; you know that all Enterprise access control systems have unique requirements.  Problems are often more complex, difficult to solve and are just plain bigger. 

In addition, many access control system products currently on the market are based upon limited design principals for what an access control system is capable of doing and how it can be enhanced with real-time device agnostic cloud-based services.

​Sagrada helps security and facility operations technical teams quickly configure, create, deploy and manage access control, elevator, lighting and alarm device integrated solutions. Build custom situation and context aware apps for supported cameras, access control panel controllers, mobile and voice driven devices.