White Paper: How AI is impacting Physical Access Control Systems

An Introduction to modern AI techniques and how it applies to access control and building management system integration

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The world of artificial intelligence is currently experiencing it’s second re-birth since the 1980’s. The video surveillance and video analytics security sectors have been moving towards using both big data and machine learning functionality to support a variety of monitoring, and operations tasks. The access control systems market is in the perfect position to capitalize on this current trend  and expand system design and integration.

Ai-tronics Systems has released a comprehensive guide for access control system designers, consultants, and vendors that provides industry guidance and latest developments.

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  • Gain insight into the AI techniques and how they can be applied to access control systems

  • ​Learn about the benefits and questions that need to be answered before implementing an AI solution


  • ​​Understand how AI can expand and enhance legacy PSIM and modern IoT based systems