As a systems integrator you need to do two things:

  •  Deliver a functional successful installation 
  •  Figure out a way to deliver additional value to new and existing customer.

With Sagrada App Store you can enhance your security solutions with QA tested industry compliant cloud services for Sagrada VMS and Sagrada NVR solutions.

By taking a holistic approach to video management system development and design, Sagrada provides security system integrators, security and facility operators the tools to create responsive intelligent integrated systems.

Sagrada VMS

Sagrada VMS is the industry’s first video management software based on artificial intelligence and internet-of-things design methods. This holistic integrated VMS makes managing hundreds of edge devices seem like your managing ten. Integration includes support for:

See what the AI & IoT based Sagrada platform can do for you.

Sagrada App Store

The VMS & NVR platform that demystifies AI & IoT

Sagrada NVR is the first security appliance built with artificial intelligence and internet-of-things device integration and management in mind. Sagrada NVR uses an edge device version of the Sagrada VMS with the artificial intelligence software component optimized for the NVIDIA GPU processor. Sagrada NVR provides the ability to not only record video based and system alarms and events but also eases the task of creating a highly responsive situational aware security system.

Support for 4, 8, 16 channels which can be applied to cameras and IP-based sensors.

Sagrada NVR

Types of VMS & NVR apps:

  • Device security
  • Camera management
  • Access Control management
  • Building-IoT
  • Facial Recognition
  • AI-based command and control
  • Edge device management
  • Access Control
  • Building Control Systems
  • GPS
  • Intrusion Detection Systems
  • Supports All ONVIF compliant cameras
  • Customizable build-in artificial intelligence software
  • Facial Recognition management
  • IoT sensor management
  • ​Desktop and mobile SDK

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